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Dear Friends ~

I have been writing my way through the Omer again, a new book of letters and poems in the works. Between the added time at my desk (which I love) , two on-going Writing Circles and political work (which I also love), life is full. I trust yours is as well.

This brief messsage, besides sending you blessings of late, lush spring, comes to tell you the Thursday and Friday Writing Circles are opening up for the first three sessions in June. Summer will bring many travels and hopefully much work on the new manuscript, so the Circles will break until September. At least that what it looks like from here!

If you would like to join us on Thursday afternoons in the Wissahickon or Friday afternoons in my Mt. Airy home, please let me know right away. You may read more about the nature of these circles here and find the details in the Upcoming Events section of this page.

Many Blessings,


Pink rose in afternoon light by Susan Windle

Pink rose in afternoon light by Susan Windle



Susan Windle | Photo by Beverly Rich

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday Wissahickon Writing Circle: June 1, 8, 15, 2:30-4:45pm. In the Pavillion at the North end of Forbidden Drive, Wissahickon Park, Philadelphia 19118. Fee: $75
  • Friday Mt Airy Writing Circle: June 2,9,162:30-4:45pm. Fee: $75

Through the Gates

Letters and poems
illuminating each of the forty-nine days of the Omer, the ancient Jewish practice marking the days between the spring festival of Passover and the summer festival of Shavuot—for spiritual explorers of all traditions! Read more or purchase….