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Writing Circles

Since 1991, Susan Windle has led Writing Circles in her Northwest Philadelphia neighborhood. The Circles are groups of four to twelve people who gather to support one another by writing and listening. With poetry from many sources to inspire and delight, Susan leads a carefully structured and richly textured experience, surprising every time, and yet perfectly predictable in its form.

WebThe Circles are for anyone needing slowed down time and communal support for life’s challenges. The only requirement is a willingness to write in the company of others and to listen as words are shared. Sharing is encouraged and always optional. Some have used Susan’s circles to move through writing blocks or to further work on particular projects. The structure of the Circles adapts well to the needs of the participants.

Susan offers Writing Circles seasonally, with special attention to the time of year. Some circles meet in the Wissahickon Park, a deep, wooded valley and meandering creek in the northwest section of Philadelphia. Meeting for three to eight week cycles, the  Wissahickon Writing Circles gather in various locations at the north end of the park. As weather permits, group members spend time outdoors to hear the songs and garner the wisdom of this special place. Inquire about the next cycle of Wissahickon Writing Groups, and see Susan’s post in her Musings/Events blog.

Susan leads Writing Circles by request.  Read more about custom crafted groups here

The writing circles of Susan Windle have been an inspiration to my work for so many years I can’t recall when I began attending. Her leadership is solid, full of integrity, and deeply committed to the joy and celebratory nature of the writing process. The group is trustworthy, and the process is engaging….Never pressure to read aloud, but always listening is deep…. Inspirational indeed.

Doris Ferleger

Poet, Clinical Psychologist

Susan Windle is a delightfully creative woman and gifted teacher. Her poetry is evocative and enlightening, and when she reads aloud [the poems] take on a wonderful spoken cadence. She is competent, gentle, talented and encouraging as she offers guidance and inspiration for the writing process and the way in which the process can lead to greater self knowledge.

Mariana Eckardt

Teacher, Quilter, Photographer