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Poetry in a Pre-School Classroom,Childspace Pre-School Center, 2002Custom-Crafted Workshops for Your Group

Susan leads Writing Circles and other workshops by requestfor groups gathered by the client in a space of the client’s choosing. She creates an experience of writing, listening and witnessing that draws participants into a gentle, enjoyable and creative process.

In addition to Writing Circles, Susan leads Reading Circles for the sharing of poetry and poetry-writing workshops for groups of all ages—from children to senior adults. These can take on many forms, depending on the setting and the needs of the group.

If you’d like to explore joining or hosting a Circle or a poetry related workshop—for celebration, for healing, or just for fun—contact Susan. Fees are negotiable.

Susan Windle is a mix of performance artist, teacher and facilitator, as well as a peaceful, beautiful person. As part of my sixtieth birthday celebration, I asked Susan to come to my home and lead eight of my friends in a poetry appreciation workshop. She offered beautiful readings of a few of her own carefully selected poems, and before we knew it, we were writing and sharing our own personal stories, either in prose or poetic forms.

Susan is masterful at developing a sense of intimacy and community in small groups. She promotes deep communication with her compassionate and supportive style. I recommend Susan to anyone who wants to provide an enriching, fun group experience.

Linda Good