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Dear Friends ~

I am looking forward again to hosting Swerve, the open mike at Mt. Airy Art Garage. If you’re in town this Labor Day weekend, join us for deep fun on Saturday night.

The beautiful folks at MAAG describe the event this way:

The Swerve opens the fall season with poet extraordinaire Susan Windle returning to host the evening. On this Labor Day Saturday we’ll celebrate summer’s last gasps with Word Play!—your best poems, songs, short prose pieces, or anything new you want to try out on a warm and willing audience. Bring it on! A jazz back beat by Tank Keitt will become part of our verbal playground. Susan writes, ‘What a great way to create a spontaneous love song to summer, an invitation to the coming fall, or just to be together, turning, each of us, as the season turns.’

Come as you are—to speak and listen. Or just to listen. All good.

Hope to see some of you this weekend! Here are the details:


Susan Windle Reading by John Arcara

Susan Windle Reading by John Arcara

When: Saturday, September 5, 7 PM
Where: Mt Airy Art Garage
11 W. Mt. Airy Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19119
$5.00 donation at the door supports the Art Garage.


This Thing We Do
with homage to John Fox

When we listen deeply, each to each
you to me and I to you

there is a bridge between us, stretched
across a glistening gorge.

The bridge itself is lovely
a slender, swaying thing

lovely as the snaking river
lovely as the reaching rock.

You and I, a river and a bridge—
that’s what I mean by heaven. That’s

what I’ve been trying to say.

–Susan Windle




  1. There is a bridge between us. Wish I could join you at the Swerve. Yasher koach!

    • Your presence was deeply felt, dear one:)

Susan Windle | Photo by Beverly Rich