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Dear Friends ~

If you are, as I am, in love with the woods, you will want to hear this Radio Lab podcast, From Tree to Shining Tree. The show is a thirty-five minute, highly entertaining exploration of the “wood wide web,” the astonishing system of roots, fungi, minerals and insects intricately at work beneath the forest floor. The secrets hidden there thrill me to my bones.

September Light in Forest Community by Susan Windle

September Light in Forest Community by Susan Windle

Let me tantalize you with these bits from the podcast:


It’s almost as if the forest is acting like a single organism…


so much like a brain….


It’s as if the trees are thinking ahead to the needs of the whole forest.


Meet the essential fungi that feed, and are fed by, the softened walls of the tree roots. Know how these tiny, tubular mushrooms communicate on behalf of the trees. How vital they are to the forest!


And Philadelphia area friends, I hope  you will consider writing with us this Fall in the forestial community that is our beloved Wissahickon. There is so much to learn there—from our neighbors the trees, from the streams winding between them, the air we all breathe, the ground that sustains and supports us and the creatures sheltering among us. So much to learn, so much to share.


Contact me now if you can join us. For registration details, see Upcoming Events  on this page and for a description of how the the Writing Circles work, see the Workshops page on this website.


All love~




Susan Windle | Photo by Beverly Rich

Upcoming Events

  • Fall Wissahickon Writing Circles: 7 Thursday and Friday Afternoons, beginning October 6, 7. 2:30-4:45 PM. The Cedars House (In the Wissahickon Park, Forbidden Drive and Northwestern Ave, Philadelphia, PA.)  Fee: $189.00 for each seven week cycle. $170 for early bird payment by September 30.

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