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Dear Friends ~

I hope this message finds you enjoying the luscious fruits of late summer as you move through the blessings and challenges of your prescious days in these roiling times.

Wendy and I have returned from our summer travels—a week of Jewish Renewal in the lower Hudson Valley, a visit with old friends in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, family time at my in-laws’ Thousand Islands summer home, and in their Syracuse home as well, several times. Even though our time with Wendy’s parents includes the often excruciating challenges of elder care, we have been able to get into the water in numerous ways and places, and so our bodies are glad. We have swum through some difficult passages with Wendy’s parents—if not with ease, with love and with increased strength and pleasure in the breath that keeps us all, for this day at least, alive.

September Light, Wissahickon Creek by Susan Windle

September Light, Wissahickon Creek by Susan Windle

I turn toward September, ready to pick up work I left behind before our travels began. Writing Circles, for one, will start up next month. I’ll be leading several series of short cycles this fall.  You may find the dates, times and fees for the September Writing Circles in the Upcoming Events sections of this page. You may read more about the Writing Circles here. As always, call or email me with questions or concerns: Susan@susanwindle.com, 215-247-5545.

And finally, I offer you this gift from this summer’s time with family on the St. Lawrence River.



spreads her soft self
everywhere among the islands.
Long past dawn she lingers with us,
bringing the river so close
we notice every passing dimple
in the perfect pewter of the water.

Sounds also come close:
the phoebe and the crow.
The cormorant’s slap.
Every neighbor is a treasure!
she whispers in our opened ears.

And shows us now:
thousand glistening webs, draped
over the tips of the near conifers.
We could not see them or their weavers
until the cloud came down
to light the way.

And you, our son-turned-man,
exploring every thread and droplet
with your camera’s eye, you also
come near, well-lit in wonder
of the watery world
we share.

Susan Windle


Returning in grateful wonder, I am

Yours with love~






Susan Windle | Photo by Beverly Rich

Upcoming Events

  • Wissahickon Writing Circle
    Three September Thursdays

    September 7,14,28
    Location: Wissahickon Park, Pavillion at the north end of Forbidden Drive
    Fee: $75 for the three-week cycle

  • Mt Airy Writing Circle
    Three September Fridays

    September 1,8,15
    Location: My East Mt. Airy home
    Fee: $75 for the three-week cycle

    Times for both groups: 2:30-4:45 pm

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