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Autumn Reflections, Wissahickon Creek by Susan Windle

Autumn Reflections, Wissahickon Creek by Susan Windle

Beloveds ~

As I woke to the national nightmare of a Donald Trump presidency this morning, a friend asked me for a poem. I am still too raw for a new poem, but this one from a couple of years ago wants to come forward to help. I send it out with love and hope for our shared future.

Redeeming This
(After the murder of Carol Armbruster)

When the unthinkable happens
when the horrendous
shows up on your threshold
and there is no way
not to face
how we are living,
with such violence,
in a country we call great—

do not despair.
Do not give in
to shock, paralysis.
Turn, rather, with deliberate gaze
to your neighbor,
whoever she may be in this moment,
and wonder
out loud, but gently as you touch,
what can we offer
what can we build
what can we create
to help
make us whole again?

Then commence
through your tears
with this work.



PS: Want to listen and write with us in the Wissahickon once or twice in December? See the upcoming events on this page, and contact me if you are interested.


Susan Windle | Photo by Beverly Rich

Upcoming Events

  • Wissahickon Sample Writing Circles: Fridays, December 2 and 9, 2:30-4:45 PM. The Cedars House (In the Wissahickon Park, Forbidden Drive and Northwestern Ave, Philadelphia, PA.)  Fee: $27 for each session. $50 for both. Register for one or both by November 25.
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