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Setting Sunflowers from Lisa by Sara Steele.
Sunflowers by Susan Windle.
©2002 Sara Steele and Susan Windle. All Rights Reserved.

Size: 7 x 10


I have seen
the shape
of my soul.

The stem
I struggle to keep straight
is a fluid thing:
the head I would hold up
has no trouble
bowing down.
And what I would keep
new and moist
with such ease,
as if my soul enjoys
every second
of its changing form,
and hidden
in each anxious fear is
a long
laugh –

I have met
the shape of my soul.
What cannot be seen
is perfectly

© 2002 by Susan Windle

These archival Iris giclée prints were done on Hahnemuhle acid-free 100% cotton rag watercolor paper with Equipoise fine art inks. These are open edition prints, signed by artist and poet.

Dimensions refer to image size, including text, and are rounded to the nearest 1/2 inch; there is a minimum 1/2 inch white border on all four sides.