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Be Perfect

Be Perfect by Susan Windle, Graviola by Alana Lea. ©2005 by Susan Windle and Alana Lea. All rights reserved.
Size:4 1/12 x 10 1/2, Matt Size: 9 1/2 x 16



Be Perfect

Become ripe,
as the bearer of all fruit
ripens. Be full
and shapely.
Come into your colors
in your own time,
as the source
of all hues
shimmers through you.

the company of others
from different vines.
Enjoy the textures of diverse skins.
Be food with them.
The meal you make together
far surpasses
what you’d be alone.
Fear not the knife
and the mingling

of your oils.

© 2005 by Susan Windle

This print is from a limited edition of matted giclée prints signed and numbered by poet and artist. They are printed with Epson Inks on Epson Heavyweight Matte paper.

Dimensions refer to image size, including text, rounded to the nearest 1/2 inch, and to matt size, also rounded to the nearest 1/2 inch.