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East Mt. Airy Azaleas by Susan Windle

East Mt. Airy Azaleas by Susan Windle


Dear Friends ~

Greetings from lush Philadelphia in the middle of May!

This Place 

Every so often in the course of seasons
comes a time when you know once again
the place you have chosen to be 
is the place that has chosen you.

It’s like that now in azalea time
when the face of nearly every stone house
blossoms forth in all manner of pink.
Soft purple and salmon spill

over and down the slopes of yards,
making the very pavement ache.
Cars slow down to listen 
to the rolling mezzo 
tones of red, and to savor 
the smell of earth and sweat
in the thickness of petals.

Every so often comes a time
when you meet the face of your desire
and you choose 
to let yourself be 

from Through the Gates–A Practice for Counting the Omer
by Susan Windle

These days I have chosen to let myself be as much as possible in the Wissahickon woods. For those who would like to write and listen in the company of others, within the nurturing embrace of our beloved Wissahickon, Friday afternoon’s Writing Circle will move from Mt. Airy back to The Cedars House on May 20. We have a group of five presently and can be open to three more. Contact me for more information.

I hope to meet you in the woods someday!




Susan Windle | Photo by Beverly Rich